[olug] mail servers - can sendmail handle this?

Mr Scsi mrscsi at gmail.com
Wed Sep 6 22:06:56 UTC 2006

I have the same setup here to route through a secure internal mail server
that cranks out about 25k emails at once.
Sendmail never skips a beat, however the tumbleweed system that is the
'smart host' croaks on a regular basis.


On 9/6/06, Ryan Stille <ryan at cfwebtools.com> wrote:
> I recently setup a web server at work running CentOS (redhat enterprise
> clone).  It comes with sendmail installed.  The only thing I changed in
> the sendmail configuration was to send all mail through our dedicated
> mail server.  I have very little experience with sendmail and had to
> lookup how to do that.
> On one of our other (Windows) web servers is a web application that
> sends out a large number of emails, 10,000 emails at one time, and about
> 1500 emails that have a 500Kb newsletter attached at a separate time.
> This is causing slow downs as the application server spools up the
> emails and hands them to the dedicated mail server.
> The idea is to move this app to the new linux web server, and have it
> hand off the emails to the localhost to be delivered.  My question is -
> is a default sendmail installation up to this task?  I've pretty much
> heard nothing but complaints about sendmail.  My only other experience
> is with qmail, although I've never gone through a qmail installation
> before.  If I need to switch to a different MTA (or is it an MSA?) I
> would like to stick to one that can be installed as an RPM.
> Comments welcome.
> -Ryan
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