[olug] Forensics experiments - Unusual request

Eric Lusk wyrmzr72 at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 1 01:09:43 UTC 2006

I'm in a class for Computer Forensics right now,
wrapping it up tomorrow.  I'm looking for some drives
to experiment with, this includes failing (but
preferably not dead) drives that are difficult to pull
the data from.
Of course, I have to be mindful of HIPAA law, which
rules out many of the systems out there used in large
business/government entities, but if anyone's got some
old drives laying around (and how many of us don't?)
it'd be a great way to tear in and see what I can do.
For the record, I'm also planning on becoming a
Certified Ethical Hacker, and am actually looking for
virused drives I can drop into my test system to toy
Any help, or even just pointing me in the right
direction, would be much appreciated.  Thanks!
Oh, and I'll be donating some of my time to a couple
of organizations as I can so I can get my name out to
the data recovery/computer forensics community as well.

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