[olug] Prying open port 25

Dave Weis djweis at internetsolver.com
Tue May 30 03:31:55 UTC 2006

If it's running postfix, some distributions tell it to only listen on 
loopback. If telnet localhost 25 shows signs of life, edit 
/etc/postfix/main.cf and look for inet_interfaces:
inet_interfaces = all
#inet_interfaces = $myhostname
#inet_interfaces = $myhostname, localhost
#inet_interfaces = localhost

The last line is what you probably have, the first line is what you need.


On Mon, 29 May 2006, Dave Thacker wrote:

> Stock SuSE 10.0 install with Postfix.   I'm working at setting up an email
> server.
> I can't telnet to my mail server on port 25 from another box within the
> network.  So far I've:
> -disabled the firewall
> mail:~ # rcSuSEfirewall2 status
> Checking the status of SuSEfirewall2                                 unused
> -found a reference to a setting in /etc/sysconfig/mail.  Set
> -verified postfix is running and will send local (to the server) mail
> I'm still getting "Connection Refused".  Haven't spotted anything in the logs.
> Any ideas?
> Dave
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