[olug] Off Topic: News Item Regarding Audio BroadCast Flag

Daniel Linder dan at linder.org
Sun Jan 29 17:59:15 UTC 2006

(I know we ruffled some feathers the last time this subject came up, so
I'll take this off-line if there are other responses. -- Dan)

On Sat, January 28, 2006 17:19, Don E. Kauffman wrote:

> There was some discussion regarding the Broadcast Flag awhile back.

> happened on this news item regarding Audio Broadcast flag on EFF.

> Thought some here might be interested in it.


> http://www.eff.org/deeplinks/archives/004343.php

I read this and was really heartened by the fact that the senator from New
Hampshire -- Senator John Sununu -- seemes to reall sum it up well by
asking "Do we need this mandate at all?"  Finally.someone
in congress who seems to get the "big picture" and realize that
the entire world doesn't revolve around the lawmaking abilities of our
government.  I just wish some of our local senators would come to
that realization...

It was also nice to hear that Senator Stevens got an iPod for Christmas
and finally "got it" when he realized all the restrictions that
the RIAA was wanting to impose on his ability to "time shift"
shows and music.  Amazing to think that it might just take a $200
iPod to keep broadcast flags off for this year.  Maybe the EFF should
donate a few iPods to the comittee members so they can start to get


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