[olug] Whats that smell? (Palm, USB, and SuSe)

Rob Townley rob.townley at gmail.com
Wed Jan 25 18:05:39 UTC 2006

On 1/7/06, Neal Rauhauser <neal at lists.rauhauser.net> wrote:
>    My decidely unusual Samsung i500 phone has given way to a Handspring
> Treo 650. I just got sick of paying for middleware, wrenching on the
> thing, and never, ever getting a sync. OK, and I was tempted by the
> built in camera.
>   I have SuSe 9.2 on my desktop and Suse 10.0 on my laptop. USB on both
> machines works fine with other USB devices, but no joy with either than
> i500 or the Treo 650.
>   Does anyone have either of these devices working under either SuSe 9.2
> or 10.0? I'll take any info I can get as this has gone beyond technical
> curiosity and started to cost me some real money by not having it working.
>    This stinks bad enough that I might just put Windows on a machine
> again. Really. Those who know me understand just how serious this has
> gotten :-(
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I knew replying to your post would open up a can of worms, so i put it
off.  Like you, i have had the same headaches.

One thing that has always troubled me by the stupidity of cell phones
is that they have a digitial connection to the web, but syncing your
contacts and sms messages and notes with a website is rarely offered. 
Instead, they want you to buy the overpriced USB cable that only works
with their phone.  My Symbian based SonyEricsson P800 has some ability
to sync with a remote database, but i have not tried it.   I am not
sure what websites to type in for the syncing service.

Even though, i think using the web as an intermediate syncing system
is simplest in concept, I would be ecstatic if Yahoo's free
IntelliSync service would work with Linux and my cell phone directly. 
Java and XML work so well together, why don't syncing apps run in
Java, so it can be run on Linux as well. 
I actually yahooed "site:intellisync.com linux" and it looks like they
may offer software for the linux desktop, but further research  and
SyncML will have to wait for a later day.

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