[olug] Two Ubuntu related problems

Joe Gulizia jrguliz at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 24 05:46:41 UTC 2006

I have two problems Ubuntu related...

I have Ubuntu 5.10 and SUSE 9.3 Professional dual
booting.  My HP 842c used to work in Ubuntu but
doesn't any longer.  I've tried "lpstat -a" in a shell
and got "HP-Deskjet-842 accepting requests since Jan
01 00:00"

I'm using CUPS.

When using OpenOffice 2.0 I get the print popup screen
the a prompt "Error while printing".  In other
applications from the desktop I get NO response at

I also tried switching cables with no difference.

The printer works fine in SUSE 9.3 Professional.

2)  I have problems updating Ubuntu...I get this
prompt "UNABLE TO GET EXCLUSIVE LOCK --  This usually
means that another package management application
system like apt-get or aptitude is already running. 
Please close that application first."  

Ubuntu documentation is not very straightforward (at
keast for me).

Joe Gulizia

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