[olug] Newbie Question

Jake Churchill jachurchill at cox.net
Tue Jan 17 05:58:47 UTC 2006

As far as transfers go, I use scp.  it takes a little getting used to 
but I like it. 

My own question:  how do you make sure remote root login is disabled?

Eric Lusk wrote:

>Just remember to use complex usernames and passwords
>for ANY protocol.  Particularly if your system allows
>remote root access.  Once you're online, there WILL be
>bots hitting your system like crazy.
>My hobby server gets a minimum several dozen breakin
>attempts every day; have seen several hundred before. 
>I've disabled remote root access, and normally only
>log in either across my home LAN or directly at the
>Welcome to the world of Linux, and don't be afraid to
>ask questions.  Everyone's gotta start somewhere...
>--- Jack <jdunn110 at cox.net> wrote:
>>    Thanks for the ssh suggestion.  Sorry that had
>>to be sent twice for 
>>me to actually try it.  That does indeed allow me to
>>    Now I'm busily ready man pages to figure out how
>>to use sftp thru 
>>ssh to transfer files - or is there a better way?
>>    (maybe I should have taken that advanced network
>>admin course at 
>>metro after all...)
>>    Jack
>>How exactly are you trying to connect to them?  Have
>>you tried ssh?  If 
>>you have any type of firewall turned on, I'm
>>assuming the HTTP ports 
>>will be blocked by default.  However, in general
>>port 22 (ssh) is open 
>>for remote administration.
>>ssh -l username ip_address/
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