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Charles Bird thebirdman at operamail.com
Tue Jan 17 05:09:12 UTC 2006

ya, I saw that on google too, i couldnt find any white papers on the disks, I saw those used for 30-75, and refurb for 200+.
They are so heavy!, I have two in the house right now, just looking at them and wondering....Cool looking, i know someone else that had a bunch of similar drives but with alot higher capacity a while back. might get the higher cap. ones for an enclosure we have here that 4 of them would fit into. But dunno if it would even be worth it, used, unknowns etc.

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> On Monday 16 January 2006 21:54, Charles Bird wrote:
> > Can someone tell me what is so special about the Digital"DEC" RZ57-E SCSI
> > 5.25 inch HDDs?
> >
> > Looks like they are only 1.0GB
> >
> > I see alot online for a what I thought is a high price, just saw a refurb
> > for 350.00USD.
> >
> > So, now I am curious and I can not figure out what the big whoop is.
> >
> > MTBF perhaps? is that it?
> I don't know if they will take different disks, but that model was the stock
> drive in VAXStation 4000's and an available addon to Alpha systems of the
> same timeframe, according to Google.  I suspect it's some sellers setting an
> abnormally high price they think they can justify, as VAX and Alpha owners
> need/want to replace or add drives to their aging systems.  A lot of places
> pulled up on Google are selling somewhere in the $30-75 range.
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