[olug] which VNC for Macintosh?

Matt Anderson manderso at cs.wisc.edu
Sun Jan 15 07:38:54 UTC 2006

The Apple Remote Desktop infrastructure is based on VNC, so with  
Tiger and Panther (at least, dunno about Jaguar), there is a server  
built in.  You can configure it in the Sharing Panel, Services Tab,  
"Access Privileges" button.  I tried it briefly, and gave up on it --  
it wasn't very flexible / configurable as a VNC server (though I  
think that the Apple Remote Desktop proper is probably very cool).   
But it will work.

OSXVnc works pretty well, and I don't know if there is even another  
choice out there or not.  You can configure it to start as a service  
when the computer boots, so you can get a VNC connect to the login  
screen.  With Tiger you can even (with some desktop hopping  
gymnastics to get things started) run multiple VNC servers on  
multiple logins (different ports) with 'fast user switching'.

I know of at least two clients outside of the Apple Remote Desktop  
(which you have to buy for a few hundred bucks).  "Chicken of the  
VNC" and "VNCDimension".  Chicken of the VNC seems to be a bit more  
stable and mature, VNCDimension much less stable but significantly  
faster.  I've been using VNCDimension, though it crashes predictably  
in some circumstances, and occasionally unpredictably.

All of these things are native apps, and don't require fink to even  
be installed.

  Matt Anderson

On Jan 15, 2006, at 12:16 AM, neal rauhauser wrote:

> I've mostly rebuilt from my ill advised upgrade earlier this week  
> (never ever upgrade SuSe whilst on hydrocodone) and I'm wanting to  
> do some new things around here.
>  I have SuSe 10.0 on amd64 and OS X Tiger on my Mac Mini. VNC for  
> the Linux box wasn't a problem, but none of the stuff in  
> DarwinPorts wants to load. Whats the easiest vnc client to get  
> going for Mac? What about a server?
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