[olug] OT: Qwest's latest anti spam policy

Eli Criffield elicriffield at gmail.com
Fri Jan 13 17:19:24 UTC 2006


I like the policy, If you are sending out spam you should pay damages.
And if you think well who is qwest to say whats spam and whats not
trust me there will be lots of lawyers and judges involved before
anyone collects anything. (I drought they will ever collect, but its
just in there "just in case"). And that goes for if you get a virus
and its sending out spam too, that is also your fault.

I don't know what there policy is on port 25 usage but I'd much rather
have the "We'll sue you if you spend spam" policy then coxs, "you
can't connect on port 25 and no one can connect to you on port 25


On 1/12/06, Don E. Kauffman <dekauff at cox.net> wrote:
> EmailBattles has an article about Qwest's antispam policy. Not sure
> which misguided morons in Qwest thought this one up!
> "When the US Federal Communications Commission released broadband
> providers to pursue their own interests, much of the business community
> cheered. Finally, we would see unbridled competition between telcos,
> cable and wireless providers.
> Qwest, the company who's motto is Spirit of Service, has provided the
> first hint of coming changes with its revised Acceptable Use Agreement.
> In essence, it says if your Internet connection is in any way connected
> with spam... and Qwest can't figure out a better way to charge you...
> it's going to cost you five bucks for each message:"
> For the rest of the story:
> http://www.emailbattles.com/archive/battles/broadband_aacfiaifbg_fb/
> Secure your connections!
> FWIW. I was thinking about switching to Qwest DSL but with this kind of
> policy -- I DON"T THINK SO!!
> Don Kauffman
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> Trojans, and Adware."
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