[olug] No LPI at Infotec 2006

Dave Thacker dthacker9 at cox.net
Wed Jan 11 01:45:47 UTC 2006

On Tuesday 10 January 2006 09:18, Adam Haeder wrote:
> Thanks for this email Aaron. If we can guarantee a certain number of
> people will show up to take the tests, we can get James to come back out
> and proctor for us. I don't know the exact number we need to hit, but I
> think 20 is probably a good target. If anyone reading this is willing to
> commit to taking at least on of the tests, let me know, and I will start
> gathering names and send them on to LPI.

I'm in as well.  I will be contacting the people who were interested in the 
study group this weekend.   DT

> More information on the content of the tests can be found here:
> http://lpi.org/en/lpic.html

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