[olug] Novell users Group

Craig Wolf CJWolf at mpsomaha.org
Mon Jan 9 16:27:35 UTC 2006

Just an FYI for those who missed my impromptu demo of Asset Management
and Helpdesk software I rolled out here at Millard Public Schools, I
will be showing what we are doing with it here @11am, 4401 So 132nd St.,
Lunch provided.  If you could RSVP to me so that I can help make sure we
have enough grub, that would be great!  My phone number is at the bottom
of the page for questions/directions.  Thanx!!!

Meeting topic: Centennial Asset Management (Win Server) and FootPrints
(Linux/Win Server) Help Desk software as being used at Millard Public
Presenter: Craig Wolf, Millard Public Schools

Rich Molettiere
NNUI President

 Tom Laughlin
NNUI Treasurer 

Craig Wolf
Linux Web Server Support
Desktop/Network Specialist

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