[olug] iPod & DRM [was: digital rights management at work]

Eric Lusk wyrmzr72 at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 7 01:48:37 UTC 2006

The problem with buying cds is that you often only
like maybe 3 songs off the whole cd... hard to find a
reason to spend even $10 for a cd when you only want 3
songs you can get for 99 cents each.
If I'm going to buy cds, I'm starting to think along
the lines of yourmusic.com, but their selection looks
fairly limmited...

--- Eric P <eric.maillist at gmail.com> wrote:

> >>Isn't one of the prominent reasons we on this list
> use Linux (and
> >>friends) is so we aren't entangled by exactly
> these types (DRM in
> >>this example) of restriction in our lives?
> >>
> >>Although our mass media would have you believe
> differently, there
> >>are alternatives to iTunes/iPod.
> >>
> >>Eric P.
> >>_______________________________________________
> > 
> > Which service would you recommend?  Real?  I know
> there are others,
> > but advertising has blocked all the others out of
> my mind. 
> I start with CD purchases from Homer's or BestBuy
> and go from there.
>  None of the online services I've ran across excite
> me.
> mp3tunes.com is in the right direction, but I'd be
> surprise if any
> of the majors are signing up.
> > If the solution is to burn the mp3s to cd .... is
> there a virtual CD
> > burner that would allow you to burn the audio cd
> without actually
> > using a CD?  Would allow you to convert hundreds
> of mp3 files to one
> > big huge virtual audio cd at one time without
> having to be physically
> > at the computer?  i haven't burned an audio cd 
> ..... but doesn't the
> > mkiso part of the burn process allow you to do
> this?  A simple yes/no
> > answer suffices, just want to know if i am on the
> right track.
> You lost me.  Somebody else want to take a stab?
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