[olug] dual head /w SuSe - easier method?

Bill Brush bbrush at gmail.com
Tue Jan 3 23:09:51 UTC 2006

I just edited my config file when I set it up on my Precision 670
workstation.  If you want me to I can post my config file.


On 1/3/06, Neal Rauhauser <neal at lists.rauhauser.net> wrote:
>    I just installed a spiffy new Samsung 204T 20" LCD so I can dare to
> move my head while watching movies. There is nothing wrong with my old
> Samsung 172N 17" LCD. I'm running a Radeon 9200 video card. What would
> the easiest method be to make it dual head? Room for more telnet/ssh
> windows would be the movitation so crazy 3D acceleration is unneeded ...
> can I just add a PCI video card and cross my fingers? Or would a proper
> dual head card be the best choice?

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