[olug] Using SVN for scripts and config data?

Nick Veys psylence519 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 22 06:53:14 UTC 2006

Pretty common to do this actually.  Since SVN just maintains an
arbitrary tree of files, you'd pretty much want to come up with your
own structure that makes sense in your environment, could be tricky
for the little one-off files you mention, but hey nothing's perfect.

Linking from TWiki should be easy, the Apache SVN module allows webdav
access to the repository.

On 12/21/06, Daniel Pfile <daniel at pfile.net> wrote:
> Subversion is normally used to manage software development, and seems
> to be oriented towards managing entire trees of software. However,
> I'm a sysadmin who works on lots of really small pieces of software.
> We have a decent number of linux boxes that do what unix does best,
> sling data around networks. We do it with lots of scripts, different
> kinds of servers, databases, etc. We'd like to start keeping our
> config files in revision control.
> So I'm wondering if anybody on the list does something similar. How
> do you organize your scripts? Some things are obvious, like network
> appliance configs that can go into their own repository. Or the
> config directory for our main applications that can go in it's own
> repository. But what about smaller things, like the 2 or 3 scripts on
> one machine that split logs, the cluster failover scripts on another
> server, the crontab scripts that do housekeeping nightly, and so on.
> Any personal insights or articles/references are much appreciated.
> -- Daniel
> PS: We also use TWiki for docs, and I'd like to tie our documentation
> system into our script/config repository system if possible. I'm sure
> it won't be hard with a perl svn module, but If you've done something
> similar, let me know!
> PPS: I don't HAVE to use SVN, I'd just like to because of the amount
> of tools and documentation available on it for the rest of the staff
> who will need to keep data in it. If there's something much better,
> I'd be happy to know about it.
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