[olug] which multiport serial card?

Will Langford unfies at gmail.com
Thu Dec 21 17:54:30 UTC 2006


Serial is serial.  I've got an 8 port pci serial card that breaks out to
db25 connectors.  Adapters from them to anything are easily available from
... well.. just about anywhere.   Linux saw all 8 ports with no issues,
too.  Basically, it'll prolly be cheaper to convert whatever breakout cable
is provided with the card than to buy a new break out cable or pay new price
for the cards... they're typically not all that cheap.

If you're interested, I can dig up my 8 port card & breakout cable, get it
in a hyvee bag and it'd be yours, gratis (xmas time and all).  I believe we
have some db25 <> rj45 converters here at work... prolly end up costing ya
$10 or something (just to re-imburse boss for the converters).  You'd have
to pick it up sometime after tomorrow, work is at 3902 Q, home is near that
as well.


On 12/21/06, nealr <neal at lists.rauhauser.net> wrote:
>   I need a quad port serial card that fits in a PCI slot. I'd like it to
> terminate in db9 serial or better yet have RJ45 jacks so I can wire it
> as needed. Anyone have a suggestion on which card to use?
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