[olug] VOIP providers

Charles Bird cbird at mail.datar8.com
Tue Dec 12 06:39:55 UTC 2006

I mistyped.
I can normally get over 8k out audio, everything is fine.
Then after a minute or two, i get down to 1.5 audio and things are bad, no
communication, connection still established though.
Is there a morse code module for freepbx?

> anyone here know of didww as a DID provider?
> I have an inbound with them, and I am suspecting that their connection is
> over saturated, I cant normally get 8+ K audio out with low latency, but
> then i cant get more than 1.5K out most of the time, like after one or two
> minutes...
> Munin on asterisk doesnt show any high traffic, and router(mrtg) doesnt
> show anything besides my call either outgoing on the 1Mb upload line.
> I suspect over booked lines, can anyone second this?
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