[olug] Imaging a 20GB to a larger hard drive

Eric P eric.maillist at gmail.com
Wed Dec 6 20:32:26 UTC 2006

>> Hi,
>> My system (Ubuntu 6.06) is purring along and is the only OS I have on my hard drive (20GB).  However, I have an empty
>> 80GB hard drive that I'd move everything over to.
>> Is there a way to make a complete image of my 20GB and put it onto the 80GB and be up and running w/o the fuse of
>> reinstalling the OS?  BTW, I have a 3rd drive that could act as temporary holding space (it has ~50GB of space) where I
>> could place the image from the 20GB hard drive.
>> I figure the process would involve making an image and temporarily placing it on the drive w/~50 GB space, then
>> installing the 80GB HD and booting a live CD.  Then I'd somehow copy the image onto the 80GB hard drive so that it has
>> the same boot configuration.
>> Is this possible and relatively painfree?
>> Thanks,
>> Eric
> Craig Wolf wrote:
> another alternative to ghost is g4u.  Takes a WHILE to do it's thing but it IS OSS.  8)
> http://www.feyrer.de/g4u/
> Craig Wolf
> Linux Web Server Support
> Desktop/Network Specialist
> 402-894-6283
>>>> drazak at ingenii.com 9/12/2006 >>>
> I always just:
> 1. Fdisked the new drive
> 2. Put down a filesystem
> 3. Mount the new filesystem
> 4. 'cp -a' from the old filesystem to the new
> 5. Run the bootloader on the new filesystem
> Always worked for me.
> Drew
> On Mon, 11 Sep 2006, Eric P wrote:

I finally got around to doing this.

'dd' and 'parted' (gparted) booted from a live CD (Xubuntu) did the job perfectly!

Also, after I made the disk image of my hd with 'dd' and applied the image to the larger harddrive, I could safely
attempt the upgrade from Ubuntu Dapper to Edgy.  I heard lots of people had problems w/the upgrade.  I had a few too,
but nothing that couldn't be fixed.  My point is that having an image of my working system provided a nice safety net in
case the upgrade left me w/a borked system.

Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone.
Eric P.

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