[olug] Very OT: SCOLA Open House (Y'all Invited)

Thomas D. Williamson twilliam at inebraska.com
Wed Dec 6 17:52:19 UTC 2006

I only know of the French broadcast. Once in a while there is another  
broadcast, I don't know which country, but they have English  
overdubbed on parts of the broadcast. It looks strange, the text is in  
an non-Latin script, but the spoken word over it is in English. A key  
purpose of SCOLA is to provide information in the native languages of  
immigrants and for language learners to hear and see how the language  
works in real situations. I think the French and German programming is  
designed by agencies for the purpose of learning language. Much of the  
German programming is labeled as a Deutsche-Welle, which works with  
the Goethe Institute, and the Institute is for learning German.

Tom Williamson

Quoting DYNATRON tech <dynatron at gmail.com>:

> sounds like some good programming, but i speak only english. i can kinda
> follow depending on the language. how much of the programming has subtitles?
> On 12/6/06, Thomas D. Williamson <twilliam at inebraska.com> wrote:
>> I'll catch the German and French broadcasts in the evenings. I can
>> follow enough German to generally make sense of the broadcast. The
>> French news segments have English subtitles which makes them easy to
>> follow. The different perspectives are refreshing from the wholly
>> American view and lets me see how our actions are seen abroad.
>> Although during the prime time, the broadcast is more directed to
>> medical information mostly originating from UNMC.
>> Tom Williamson
>> Quoting Will Langford <unfies at gmail.com>:
>> > I'll watch SCOLA from time to time on ... cox ... channel.... 6 ? 4 ?
>> > Something like that.  It's not entirely all just local news casts...
>> > sometimes you'll get technology shows or similar (ie: once, a 'german'
>> time
>> > slot was a 30ish minute german car tech show about the auto-parking or
>> > auto-driving car stuff about a month before commercials aired here about
>> > it).
>> >
>> > It's kinda cool to see the politics, mannerisms and such of other
>> countries
>> > (having lived abroad its kinda refreshing).  I do recall watching some
>> south
>> > american news thing that gave 5-10min to a returning doctor from
>> Katrina.
>> > That was narly. Also kinda cool to see Putin and stuff in the Russian
>> stuff.
>> >
>> > Basically, if you're tired of the dribble on G4, the reruns on
>> adultswim,
>> > etc, give it a watch, its different.  You'll have to get beyond the
>> language
>> > barrier... which some people can't do.
>> >
>> > -Will
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