[olug] Very OT: SCOLA Open House (Y'all Invited)

Will Langford unfies at gmail.com
Wed Dec 6 16:17:38 UTC 2006

I'll watch SCOLA from time to time on ... cox ... channel.... 6 ? 4 ?
Something like that.  It's not entirely all just local news casts...
sometimes you'll get technology shows or similar (ie: once, a 'german' time
slot was a 30ish minute german car tech show about the auto-parking or
auto-driving car stuff about a month before commercials aired here about

It's kinda cool to see the politics, mannerisms and such of other countries
(having lived abroad its kinda refreshing).  I do recall watching some south
american news thing that gave 5-10min to a returning doctor from Katrina.
That was narly. Also kinda cool to see Putin and stuff in the Russian stuff.

Basically, if you're tired of the dribble on G4, the reruns on adultswim,
etc, give it a watch, its different.  You'll have to get beyond the language
barrier... which some people can't do.


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