[olug] cleaning off my bookshelf - suggestions?

DYNATRON tech dynatron at gmail.com
Wed Dec 6 15:29:36 UTC 2006

library or installfest is a great idea. i'd like to read them, but if more
people can benefit from it than just myself, that's fine with me. i can
always do more web research. books are becoming obsolete anyhow...  kinda
like fresh air....obsolete.

On 12/6/06, Daniel Pfile <daniel at pfile.net> wrote:
> Craig Wolf wrote:
> >  Why not bring them to the Installfest and put them on the swap table?
> >
> Or is it possible to donate to the city library? Their tech books are
> usually worthless. As a bonus, they're equipped to loan the books out to
> people who need them.
> -- Daniel
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