[olug] cleaning off my bookshelf - suggestions?

Craig Wolf cjwolf at mpsomaha.org
Wed Dec 6 14:46:58 UTC 2006

 Why not bring them to the Installfest and put them on the swap table?

Craig Wolf
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>>> neal at lists.rauhauser.net 12/04/06 8:25 PM >>> 

   For better or worse I'm engineering management now -  I've moved these 
books a couple of times without cracking them once and its time for 
someone else to get some use of them. I'd prefer to donate to a school 
or OLUG if it has a library and I definitely don't want twenty people 
trooping over to my hideout to pick up one book each ... any suggestions 
on how to dispose of this stuff?


Apache third edition
Web Database Applications with PHP and MySQL
Using Samba second edition
Managing NFS and NIS second edition
Learning the Bash Shell second edition
802.11 Wireless Networks

Syngress Snort 2.0
Stevens' Network Programming
Waite Group Perl 5.0 Howto (ancient)
SAMS PHP and PostgreSQL
K&R C book

  Non Unix stuff that might interest you guys:

Wiley CISSP prep guide from 2003 and Caputo's CMM Implementation Guide

  For the network nerds here:

 Syngress Cisco Security
 McGraw Hill Cisco Router OSPF
 Moy's OSPF: Anatomy of a Routing Protocol

   Maybe these should be sitting on the shelf at Reboot The User? I 
don't care as long as its quick, painless, and they're off my kitchen table.

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