[olug] RSS, Atom , etc.

Charles Bird cbird at mail.datar8.com
Wed Dec 6 06:32:05 UTC 2006

> Joe Gulizia wrote:
>> What do RSS and Atom do for a website?
>> Why would an end user want me to make it part of my site?
> RSS and Atom are technologies used for syndication.  They are a simple,
> standard XML format that other sites can parse and include in their own
> site easily.  Many people now get their news by aggregating these "news
> feeds" rather than visiting a multitude of websites one at a time.
> Since they are a standard format, it is simple to build a single web
> page that collects all the headlines from sites you like.  There are
> also specialized feedreader apps, just like you have newsreader apps for
> Usenet.  Thunderbird and Opera have integrated RSS capabilities.

Yeah, what he said. :)

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