[olug] OLUG Meeting Reminder and Updates (UPDATED)

Michael Peterson mpeterson at mail.charlesfurniture.com
Tue Aug 29 21:58:07 UTC 2006

Please put any slides or notes on the web site.
And post a note here on when and how to access them.

I have to teach that night and every Tuesday until close to Christmas.
I am teaching Linux using Linux.
Currently using Freespire. I like the KDE better than the Gnome.
If I could get FreeBSD GUI to work with then new releases, I would use it

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Adam Haeder will also be doing a overview of Joomla!

Don't miss it!

Jon L.

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> Hi All,
> Just a reminder that the next OLUG Meeting in on Tuesday, September 5th, 
> 2006 at the AIM Institute Computer Lab, 412 South 19th Street.  We'll be 
> starting at 6:30 PM.
> Topics will include: Hylafax, Energy Efficient Computing, Q&A, 
> Fall InstallFest
> Join us next door after the meeting for refreshments.
> Website Updates
> ---------------
> We have been making some updates to the OLUG website.  We have installed 
> the Community Builder module to help all of us match names to faces of 
> everyone at the meetings, installfests, etc.  To do so, login (or 
> register) to the OLUG website, click on Your Details in the User Menu and 
> under Edit, click on Update your Image.  Image dimensions must be 200x500 
> and a minimum of 100K.
> You can view images using the User List menu option under the User Menu.
> Also, I've found time to update the weblinks that Jim F. had spent so much

> time on.  I'm about 60% done.  My apologies for not getting this done 
> sooner.
> See you at the next meeting,
> Jon L.

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