[olug] Slightly OT: KVM's?

Tim OBrien IrishMASMS at OLUG.ORG
Tue Aug 29 08:10:51 UTC 2006

<quote who="Phil Brutsche">
> I've had nothing but trouble with the Belkin garbage.

I have had hit & miss failues/success with Belkin KVMs. The one at home
that I have is okish; the one I purchased for my old job back in Omahaw
worked great. Powered models with Belken makes a difference.

I picked up a cheap $30 KVM special from Newegg or Amazon about a year ago
& it works great. Not poered, but lights up with the 'blinken lighten'
whenever one of the 4 systems are turned on.

Also, I recall this same conversation on the list - thinking about a year
or two ago?

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