[olug] Software suggestion

Jake Churchill reynacho at gmail.com
Wed Aug 16 12:34:26 UTC 2006

mysql DB.  There's something called SQLyog which is a lot like 
Enterprise Manager for MS SQL Servers.  Unfortunately, that is less user 
friendly than access but I'm sure some simple web interfaces could be 
constructed to use the database. 

Craig Wolf wrote:
> I have been approached about a solution for a location and I need some input from my friendly fellow geeks here.
> Background: 
> These people help out less than fortunate families by loaning out toys/books/etc. to thier young children for a set period of time.  They want to move away from the Filemaker Pro DB they are currently using.  I believe that it is time for them to have a server vs 1 laptop running this db.  
> What I am looking for is a Linux backend running a "DB" with a frontend of WinXP/Access or browser based.  If need be, a frontend Linux machine could be setup also dedicated to this function.  Items COULD be barcoded to use that functionality but not a requirement.
> This could be free backend software OR pay for, just looking for ideas before I meet with them again.  
> Thanx to anyone for their suggestions and ideas!!
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