[olug] WINE or VMWARE?

eumario at trilake.net eumario at trilake.net
Fri Aug 11 19:30:15 UTC 2006

Have to agree with Adam on this one.  CrossOver Office would be your
best bet in getting QuickTime to Embed within Mozilla.  VMWare is
definatly over kill, as it's meant to be a Complete PC Emulator.  So
it would be overkill.

CrossOver Office is great for plugins
like Apple QuickTime, Macromedia Flash 8.0, and so on.  So definatly,
that would be the way to go.

Mario Steele
> VMWare
would be overkill. I would recommond using Crossover 
> Not free, but
will seamlessly integrate windows plugins into your browser. 

> On 8/11/06, Joe Gulizia <jrguliz at yahoo.com> wrote: 
>> Running Kubuntu Dapper Drake. 
>> I
have 1 application that Linux doesn't natively run. 
QuickTime 6.5.2. 
>> QuickTime 6.5.2 allows me
to view a Live Videostream 
>> of MP4 content within a .SDP
container (Darwin 
>> Streaming Server Protocol). I currently
have QuickTime 
>> 6.5.2 loaded using WINE (although I have to
fix it) 
>> which is good as a standalone application (although
>> could already view downloads via VLC). 
>> I'd like to make Firefox or some other browser open 
>> QuickTime as an embedded plug-in to view the streams 
>> from the web page. 
>> Would I be
"better off" trying to setup VMWare for 
>> this one
>> Thanks in advance. 
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