[olug] Bellevue professor recommendations

Robert Alan Jacobs r.a.jacobs at cox.net
Fri Aug 11 02:32:34 UTC 2006

Eric P wrote:

>>I've had Pat Artz, Phil Fitzpatrick, John Russell, and John Wright.  Dr.
>>Carpenter has retired since I graduated.

My MSCIS was awarded in June of 2002, so my info is a bit dated:

Sue McDaniels was my graduate studies advisor; she is both a great
advisor and a great teacher.  I took a course in user interface design
with her

Dan Creagan, if you can get him (he's Dean Creagan now) is awesome.
He's extremely knowledgeable, if a bit arrogant, and doesn't take crap
from students - he enjoys it when students embellish their assignments.
I took a number of courses with him.

Sue Sampson was okay.  I had her for Project Management.

The only teacher I would have warned you away from was Dr. Carpenter but
since he is retired, you should count yourself blessed.

Good luck.


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