[olug] FS: Powerbook G4 667/DVI 1GB/30GB and AirPort Card

Daniel Pfile daniel at pfile.net
Mon Apr 24 14:32:53 UTC 2006

I'm upgrading my PowerBook, so I'm selling my old one. Here are the specs:

G4 667mhz DVI
1GB RAM (came with 512 Stock)
AirPort 802.11b card built in
Hinges are in great shape (known issue in this model)
Body is in good shape, only a couple very small chips.

Better specs here:

Has OS X 10.4 installed on it, but my media grew legs. I have the 10.3
media that I will include with it. It will also have all the original
CDs. I will install Linux on it if that's what you want.

Here's the problem:
The screen is cracked towards the bottom. It's still usable, but may get
worse as time goes on. If you plan on using it as a desktop you'd be
fine, but I wouldn't lug it around. If you have a monitor you can plug
that in as well, it will use a standard USB keyboard. It would also make
a great file server with some external drives. It is possible to replace
the screen, you can find deals on ebay and various sites where you can
buy the screen. Pictures are here:


It's a great system if you're looking for a cheap way to learn OS X.

With a good screen this PowerBook is worth about $700. With it's bad
screen I'm asking $400. If you have another number in mind, let me know,
we'll talk. I have a case for it I may sell after I get the new laptop,
I'll throw it in for $20 if I decide to sell it. If you're in Omaha I'll
deliver, or you can pick up, otherwise $30 should cover shipping. Please
respond off list ASAP, or it's going on eBay.

-- Daniel

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