[olug] Dialup/Dialin server and compression

Will Langford unfies at gmail.com
Mon Apr 10 22:11:13 UTC 2006

i was figuring working with text and stuff... i commonly got 5-20K a second
back in the day, but nice clarification :)


On 4/10/06, Phil Brutsche <phil at brutsche.us> wrote:
> Will Langford wrote:
> > You're compressing ~5-15k a second.
> He's compressing much closer to 3.5k a second - without a digital leased
> line and the requisite hardware (ie a T1 and a Cisco AS5300 or an ISDN
> ciruit and an Eicon ISDN card) he's not gonna get more than 33.6k out of
> it.
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