[olug] Re: [Wftl-lug] Saving email messages, bookmark files and addressbook entries

Miguel Guhlin mguhlin at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 8 21:46:30 UTC 2006

Joe, look in your /home/username directory. Note that there are probably
invisible folders (preceeded by a period "./") that you will have to
copy. Start up with a Kanotix CD (Live) and hook everything up. That
will give you access to your /home directory and you can copy everything
off to your hard drive. I bet Kanotix won't have any problem reading the
external drive.

As to what distro to switch to, I recommend UbuntuLinux. Although
there's tons of advice, here's what I use on a regular basis:

In regards to Thunderbird, note that you can access the settings and
force it to go to a different place to save your LOCAL FOLDER. I like to
put the local folder on another drive (formatted FAT32) so that I can
access the data regardless of whether I'm on Linux or WinXP.
If it's any consolation, I'm able to play mp4 videos without problem
using Firefox on UbuntuLinux.

Hope this helps,
Miguel Guhlin

Joe Gulizia wrote:

>I'm planning on switching distro's but want to save my
>email messages, web bookmarks, edresses, and some
>documents first.  Where do I find these files?  Using
>Thunderbird for email and primarily Firefox for web
>Mainly my current OS doesn't like external USB hard
>drives (global permissions can't be set). The floppy
>drive can't be accessed (not found or not mounted)I
>can't get any media player to play the .mp4 video
>files I need to check, either.
>Thank you
>Joe Gulizia
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