[olug] Compaq Proliant 7000 trade?

Trent Melcher trent at wispair.net
Thu Apr 6 12:46:21 UTC 2006


Don't install it just yet,  I may be interested in it....I have to see if
some folks at work want it...might be able to use it as parts for our
existing 7000's.


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   I just finally hauled a quad Xeon 500 Proliant 7000 away from a 
customer site tonight. This thing has 3 x 9.1 gig drives forming one 
18.2 gig volume and 4 x 4.3 gigs that form (I think) a 12.0 gig volume.

   Its currently sitting in the back of my Jeep and I'm going to take it 
out tomorrow and install it in my datacenter... unless someone is dying 
to have such a box and will give me a decent desktop in exchange. Decent 
for me would be a PIII 1.0 GHz with 512 meg of ram ...

   Anyone interest in such a swap, or am I dreaming?

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