[olug] Looking for Fedora 4 Admin help

Lee Chalupa lchalupa at seelink.org
Sat Apr 1 18:46:42 UTC 2006


I'm a java developer. I'm working with a dev. team. We have a webhosting virtual server running Fedora Core 4.  
I'm looking for someone to help me when it comes to linux administration and mentoring. I'm doing
the basics but when it comes to configuring the kernel or something similar I feel
I'm too far out of my comfort zone.  I would rather concentrate on my core skills.

For example, I'm trying to run tomcat on port 80 as a non-root user. I don't want to run
Apache server. One option is to use IPTables. So far so good. It looks like I have to 
change the configuration of the kernel. Now I'm out of my league.

Let me know.


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