[olug] is it just me?

Bill Brush bbrush at gmail.com
Tue Sep 27 21:19:53 UTC 2005

You're assuming I know how to do that in the first place.  :-)  I
haven't gotten to the Apache portion of my courseware.  :-)  If you
don't mind waiting I'll save this and give it a whirl when I get to


On 9/27/05, Dave Hull <dphull at insipid.com> wrote:
> Quoting Bill Brush <bbrush at gmail.com>:
> > As a very basic test of this, I used YaST to modify the host file of
> > my SLES 9 box.  I then used vi to edit the host file.  When I went
> > back to using YaST the changes I made in vi were there.
> >
> > If there's something else you'd like me to test, let me know.  This
> > box has no purpose other than to test things.
> Since you offered. Can you first, enable mod_spelling in Apache2 via
> the command
> line and have it work. I tried it on one of my servers and eventually gave up
> and found where I could do the same thing in Yast. After getting it to work, I
> went back into the files I'd hand edited with vi and couldn't see the
> differences, but there must have been something I was missing.
> Let me know what steps you go through at the command line to get it
> working. If
> you get it working.

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