[olug] Weird problems

Jay Swackhamer Jay at RebootTheUser.com
Mon Sep 26 03:19:41 UTC 2005

On the NIC, you can use mii-tool or ethtool to set the speed/duplex on the
card. Some cards/switches dont autonegotiate correctly, or the port on
either side may be failing.

The time can be corrected with NTP, using either the daemon or running
ntpdate, i.e.  ntpdate ntp.cox.net

Then use hwclock to set the hardware clock to the system clock,
i.e. hwclock --systohc

If the time is still off, then you may need a kernel tweak for your
system, or the CMOS battery may be failing.

> I have an old 800 MHz/AMD Athlon running Mandrake 10.2.  Each time I
> reboot,  I get the following problems:
>     The hour and minute on the KDE display are wrong by random amounts.
>     The NIC decides that it is a 10 MB/s device (acc to the router),
> even tho it has worked at the 100 MB/s rating (acc to the router)
> previously.  And access to the internet is decidedly slow.
>     Any suggestions?  I use my machines mainly to maintain my website -
> progressiveomaha.com -so I haven't gotten sophisticated with them.
>     Jack Dunn
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