[olug] Apache and https

Shawn L. Djernes shawn.djernes at ncbvi.ne.gov
Thu Sep 22 16:16:00 UTC 2005

A few ideas,

When you access the site via https do you see the paddlelock or other indication you have secure connection?

In the page you are accessing, how are the images refered to?  Are they /images/image_name_here.jpg or are they in the form of http://server.name.here/images/image_name_here.jpg?  If the second is the case, change it to relative names (the first method) and it should work. 

Otherwise it could be a million things in the apache conf that could be the problem.


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I have a server that I need to setup an image to be sent over an https
connection and I am having problems getting it to work.  I believe that
SSL is enabled but...what am I missing??  Which config file do I look in
to setup SSL access?  Do I have to have a separate directory for secure
items access?  ie. /htdocs/secure_images vs /htdocs/images.  I have
turned on listen on 443 and opened 443 through the firewall.

I am running Apache2 on Suse Pro 9.1.


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