[olug] Wireless Contracting

Craig Wolf cjwolf at mpsomaha.org
Sat Sep 17 12:00:10 UTC 2005

Did Data Doctors get ahold of you?  I will be helping them with this if
you decide to go with them.  8)  Good friend of mine owns it and knows
what he is doing.

Craig Wolf
Linux Web Server Support
Desktop/Network Specialist

>>> gregory at r3g.net 09/15/05 9:06 PM >>>
Short-notice wireless configuration job needed to be done by Oct 5. Site
is 120k sq ft warehouse. Using 12 Cisco 1231 and 24-port switch and one
Cisco 2811. Cable puller will get cable and switch located on ceiling.
All that's needed is configuration and few site surveys. Let me know if
anyone out there in range of this broadcast can handle the job and the
scheduling. Might be a $2k job.

Gregory W Zill, MBA

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