box backup - Re: [olug] remote monitoring and remote backup server software

Brian Wiese bwiese at
Tue Sep 6 06:09:38 UTC 2005

Eric Lusk wrote:

>I'm actually thinking about just looking for a Windows
>client that will either 1) sftp into my server
>automatically and back up their data, or 2) encrypt
>their data and ftp in.  There's a lot of software out
>there for remote Windows backups, and 99% of my
>clients are running Windows, so why not use what's
>already running, and reliable, on my server?  With
>standard ftp, my clients are going to have some very
>unusual usernames and long, complicated passwords, but
>that's why it's going to be automated....
>No remote root logins allowed on my servers; I don't
>even normally run ftp.
>  Box Backup
uses SSL and has a GUI client that should work on
both Windoze and *nix with wxWidgets called Boxi

Been meaning to set this up all summer...

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