[olug] LPI exams at Infotec

Craig Wolf cjwolf at mpsomaha.org
Sun Feb 27 11:06:08 UTC 2005

I am game for that!  I plan to take the tests.  @$35 each, I have little
to lose.  

Craig Wolf
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>>> bwiese at cotse.com 02/27/05 12:18 AM >>>
This class sounds pretty good too:
>  At Vatterott College, we are starting a LPI certification class
> starting 2-28-2005.

>> I was looking through the website for Infotec and noticed that the
>> group WILL be giving a
>> chance to sit for the LPI exam at the conference.  ...

>> This is going to be a great opportunity to sit for the exam at a
>> cost reduction, normally it
>> is $100.00, but during the conference it is going to be something
>> $35.00.  True to be LPI
>> certified you need to pass 2 exams, but this is not a bad place to
>> start.

Very cool - at the LinuxWorld expos, they sometimes have it for free or
the same price too. =)

I'd be interested in a study group - but maybe via email? How about each
week we breakup the task of putting review notes/snippets on a wiki for
each section of the exam? Must know commands... sample usage... etc? 
dev can take place on the wiki, and any discussions on the OLUG list?
(I suggest this as I have almost no free time - after 8pm?)

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