[olug] ATI Linux Drivers

Nathan D. Rotschafer nrotschafer at geniussystems.net
Fri Feb 18 04:44:47 UTC 2005

I'm actually surprised.  My Powerbook G4 with 768MB of RAM running X11 
on top of OSX with a GeForce FX 5200 Go did about that in glxgears and I 
bought ATI for my desktop gaming systems because it was "faster"...


Jay Swackhamer wrote:

>For those gamers out there.....A New version of the ATI 3D drivers are now
>available, and it seems to be a large improvement.
>GlxGears, Was: 1200fps  Now:1700fps
>UTBench , Was: ~54fps   Now:~100fps
>Tested: Laptop-> Athlon64 3400+, 1GIG Ram, ATI Radeon 9600
>Also, 64bit drivers are now available, I have not tested those yet.....

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