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Date: 	Fri, 11 Feb 2005 13:50:18 -0800 (PST)
From: 	Tejaswi Manjunath <tejas at zoonic.com>
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Subject: tail in windows ?? need more options !!
i am trying to use tail command in windows, i downloaded the Win 2003
Server Resource Kit and got hold of tail.exe, so it does take options of
-c, -f, -q, -n, -v !!!

my problem is i am looking for using the option of -r - as my program is
supposed to read the updated contents of the file, and i am thinking of
scanning the file backwards will get me to the point i want to stop
reading easily and faster....keeping in mind log rotate that occours on
log files....

(i know there is another way of doing this also - keep track of the last
scanned file, its size, last record, its size, and then do -> tail -c
BYTES FILENAME, and get the required input only....but this will totally
screw up cos of log rotate !!!)

Any suggestions I would appreciate any help !!! Thanks guys

by the way this is for a deamon of unix that could be installed on


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