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Shawn L. Djernes shawn at djernes.org
Wed Feb 9 14:49:24 UTC 2005

If you have a WRT54G/GS the 3.1.? firmware adds QoS.


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Ok, my $.02:  I have Vonage (Dec 18th switch) and have been very happy
with them despite what Shawn's experience has been.  I pay $16.98 a
month WITH taxes for 500 minutes of long distance (US & Canada) and only
$.06/minute for Portugal with no monthly fee.  I DID transfer my number.
 My only gripe there was almost no notice that it was being changed over
(notified at 7am that that day was the switch).  As for the 911 service,
here is what happened there:  When I turn on the service (911), I put my
address into Vonage's website and they send that to the PSAP
(spelling?).  Once the PSAP accepts the address, my 911 service is setup
(about 48 hours).  When I call in, my number pops up like it would at
the E911 center locally with my address.  They only problem becomes if I
take my Telephone Adapter (TA) to someone else's house, my home address
will pop up on their screen at which point I have to tell them my
current location.  

Well, you have my understanding of the switch/VOIP use.  The one thing
I have learned since using the service is that if you have a "bought"
router (DLink, Linksys, etc.), make sure that it has QOS capability. 
DLink does not have that ANYWHERE in their line.  Linksys DOES but you
have to buy their top of the line routers.  I will be building a Linux
server over the next few months and setting up QOS on it to make sure
that my voice traffic has priority.  This way I can go back to pulling
down some torrents.  Hope this made sense to someone.  8)

Craig Wolf
Linux Web Server Support
Desktop/Network Specialist

>>> bbrush at unlnotes.unl.edu 2/8/2005 >>>

I have two friends that have Lingo.com and Packet8.com.  Both are
happy with their service.  I'm getting Time Warner phone service even
though it's twice as much as Lingo simply because I need good 911
since I have small children and the others didn't have adequate 911
for a caller that doesn't know their address.


olug-bounces at olug.org wrote on 02/08/2005 04:41:33 PM:

> I'm starting to dig a little further into the information presented
> February's meeting.  There were a couple of VOIP providers
> but my memory being what it is, I've managed to forget them.
> I'm seriously considering a move to a VOIP provider.  I'd prefer to
> able to port my current number to my new provider, but that may not
> totally necessary.
>        Thanks.
>           Wes
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