[olug] Wanted: Suse 9.2 DVD.

Cale Lewis dlazlo at fbx.com
Tue Feb 1 16:33:56 UTC 2005

Isn't the Installfest' coming up? I've got it and some I can drag 
along, + some "good" stuff if your not a slave to any one system. I've 
been out of touch with everything for a while with family matters. 
Sister was critically il and I had to take over matters through a 
'Power of Attourney' to handle bills, etc. Looks like it will be a long 
haul, at that.

Cale Lewis

"Be Different!" 

l> Anyone downloaded the complete install?  Just for grins, I began the 
download to see how long on my dialup... 72 hours.   If you have a DVD 
I could copy, please contact offline. 
> Thanks!
> John Collard
> john.collard at aquila dot com

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