[olug] OT: Have guns, will travel

Mario Steele eumario at trilake.net
Wed Aug 31 03:40:43 UTC 2005

To play off an old TV Western Catch Phrase,

Since I've noticed a couple of people posting job offerings here, and 
myself being between a day or two late in responding, just wanted to 
throw out, that I'm looking for any kind of Side/Work, Part-Time, 
Full-Time, Sub-Contract, what have ya, work with computers.  I'm not 
certified, however, I do have 8 years computer experince, 6 years 
technical support and repair experince, 8 years experince with Windows, 
5 years experince with Linux, 6 years experince with Internet, 4 years 
hobbiest programmer.  (Read in: VERY Hobbiest! :-P)  Anyone looking for 
help in the computer field, with any project upcoming or not, please 
feel free to contact me off-list, anytime.  If it's not something I've 
encountered before, it doesn't take me long to figure things out, and 
love to help any of thoes in need of someone with ACTUAL computer 
experince, both hardware, and software.

Well, with that blurge out of the way, it again looks like I won't be 
able to make it to this month's OLUG meeting, yet again.  Having to work 
2 jobs, just to get by, royally sucks.  Anyways, someday soon I'll get 
out there to a meeting, or a lunch.

Mario Steele
Computer Programmer/Technical Support/Repairer, and General Computer 

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