[olug] Tues Aug 31 -- well, acutally Aug 30

Noel Leistad noel at metc.net
Sat Aug 27 12:54:05 UTC 2005

I thank everyone for the offers. Contracting company called me back 
Friday about 5:00p and told me that they THOUGHT they'd received enough 
confirmations to fill the bill, while I was still waiting for firm 
commitments. I sent the job specs to those of you that got back to me 
quick enough, I hope they made it through to you.

I apologize for the rag-tag way this went out, it was kind of a surprise 
when I got the initial call just after 11:00 on Friday. If it ever comes 
up again, hopefully I'll be better prepared. I've picked up 2 others 
from the group that called and committed. If Monday morning brings 
disappointment from the other company providing techs I'll do my best to 
CALL those I can find numbers for.

If it's still a little murky RE the actual job: replace and data migrate 
43 PC's at the Auto Auction. Scripts and procedures fully provided by 
Dell and Auction owner. Again thanks for the responses, hopefully it 
will be FUN and EDUCATIONAL.  :-)

Noel Leistad wrote:

> Off-topic.....
> I contract to a national repair outfit, looking for 6 other techs that 
> would like 10 hours work in Omaha, $25/hour. Setup 43 dell desktops, 
> migrate data. Projected to be 10 hour gig.
> anybody interested, have "free" time?? thought it might be interesting 
> interaction.....
> write me off list if your curiousity is  piqued...

Noel Leistad
noel at metc.net

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