[olug] Lunch

Cale Lewis dlazlo at fbx.com
Fri Aug 19 23:50:30 UTC 2005

Thanks to Joe and others who emailed me on lunch friday, but we had a change 
of plans here. Thursday was my wife's birthday. I had to be to work at noon 
and got off at 10:30 that night and she had to be in to work at 11 pm that 
night. When some other plans got changed leaving her free friday afternoon/
evening, I decided I'd better take her out for a late birthday dinner so that 
I didn't have to worry about whether I would live to see another birthday or 

I will get to meet some of you eventually. Many of the people I correspond 
with on BeOS matters are either on east or west coast US, in Canada, or 
Europe. With people I share an interest with living this close, it will be 
nice to be able to put some faces to some names and actually talk to someone 
face-to-face for a change. Even better is someone who doesn't get that glazed 
look that comes over my wife whenever computers are mentioned.

Hope you all enjoyed lunch,
Cale Lewis
I use BeOS on my PC.
Why should I downgrade to Windows?
PS: I use it on my Mac too!
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