[olug] Web Accelerators

Tim & Alethea Larson thelarsons3 at cox.net
Mon Aug 15 23:19:12 UTC 2005

Daniel Linder wrote:
>>From what I know of the "web accelerators" that I have seen, they are
> bascally a program you install on your machine that acts like a proxy
> server.  I believe they function by watching your surfing habits and
> trying to
> A: Pre-download all the links on the page you are on using the assumption
> that you will probably click on one of them.
> B: Monitor your surfing habits and pre-load those pages in the background.
> I.e. If you are reading a multi-part article, the accelerator program
> might scan the page for a link titled "Next" and download that link while
> you're reading.  Then, when you click on the link, your browser gets the
> page from the local proxy program and not the Internet directly at that
> moment.
> Do those providers you mentioned have a web accelerator for Linux?

Some browsers have a "prefetch" mode.  That would do about the same thing.


Tim & Alethea

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