[olug] Web Accelerators

A-Wal A-Wal at cox.net
Mon Aug 15 20:16:03 UTC 2005

Joe Gulizia wrote:

>How well do the web accelerators work compared to Cox
>high speed internet or MSN DSL via QWEST.
>Cost vs. Speed
>I'm running SUSE Linux 9.1 Professional.
>Joe Gulizia
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If you're talking over a phone line, then you are ultimately limmited by 
the speed of your modem.  You shouldn't expect anything more than 56K at 
best over any phone connection no matter what they claim.  I personally 
stopped using a phone line connection back in '95, and will never go 
back.  I've been using Cox cable ever since.  Yes, it costs more, but I 
seriously hate waiting for things to download.  Even cable is too slow 
for me now, but I can't afford a dedicated T1 yet.  If you're happy with 
56K or slower, then go for it.  Just realize that you will probably 
never actually get 56K.  You're more likely to get 36K on average.  As 
compared to Cox, I can get a average of 500K download speeds, upload in 
the 200K range.  You can pay for more bandwidth, but then you start 
getting into the buisness accounts, and prices get stupid real quick.

Hope this helps

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