[olug] hardware diags

Craig Wolf cjwolf at mpsomaha.org
Mon Aug 8 14:44:04 UTC 2005

Beautiful!  Between this and ultimateboot cd, I think I am set.  Just
needed to know to compare to what I have used.  Thanx!!!!

Craig Wolf
Linux Web Server Support
Desktop/Network Specialist

>>>dthacker9 at cox.net 08/08/05 8:17 am >>>
On Monday 08 August 2005 07:44, Craig Wolf wrote:
>What does everyone use to test the hardware in a box?  Especially if
>are trying to determine if the software is the culprit (Win OS).  I
>would want to be able to test/scan the HD and memory.  It would be nice
>to do a burn-in.

I grab a live CD of some sort and run memtest for 24 hours, then bonnie
test), then either cpuburn or seti at home to stress out the CPU.   Good


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