[olug] server install help

A-Wal A-Wal at cox.net
Sun Aug 7 04:53:01 UTC 2005


    Well, I went to the Metro Community College auction, and got me one 
of their old Compaq Proliant 6000 servers dirt cheap.  It's the dual 
Pentium III Xeon 500mhz model with 1Gb of ram.  I've gone to the HP 
website and read all their info on it, but it seems that they stopped 
supporting it at RedHat 7.  I do in-fact own an old copy of RH 7.1, and 
was able to install it just fine on the server.  However, as a student 
at MCC, I can get a student discount license for RedHat Linux Enterprise 
Server 4 for only $50.  I was thinking about getting a copy to play with 
on my new server, however, all references to supported hardware under RH 
ES never mention anything about the Proliant 6000 series.  Well, for 
grins, I decided to see if I could install a newer version of Linux on 
this thing.  I started by trying to install Fedora Core 4 on it.  Well, 
it bombed out with a ton of kernel stuff before it could even load the 
installer.  Then I tried Suse Pro 9.2, got into the installer, and 
bombed after loading the driver for the scsi array addapter.  All I did 
for RH 7 was a default install, and it worked perfectly.  I don't see 
any reason why a 5+ year old version of RH can install without any 
problems, and all these newer versions crash hard.  I'm a bit worried 
that I'll have the same results with RH ES if I get it.  The driver Suse 
tried to load is the exact same one that RH 7 installed by default when 
it autodetected, but Suse hung hardcore after loading it.  Anyone have 
any experience with this?  Any ideas why the newer ones won't work?


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